Erasmus Projekt 2019 - 2022

ERASMUS Projekt 2019-2022

Nach erfolgreichem Abschluss des zweijährigen Projektes „4 Cs 4 the 21st Century – Curiosity, Cooperation, Communication, Creativity“ (2017 – 2019) können wir mit alten und neuen Partnern direkt an einem weiteren internationalen Projekt mitarbeiten – leider aufgrund der Corona Pandemie seit 2020 zunächst rein virtuell!

Drops of Awareness – Water matters!
ERASMUS+ Projekt 2019-2022

Wir freuen uns auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit mit altbekannten und neuen Partnerschulen aus Pärnu, Bologna, Martinique, Haarlem und Madrid. Nach erfolgreicher Antragstellung durch das internationale ERASMUS+ Team werden auch in den nächsten drei Jahren zahlreiche Schülerinnen und Schüler der teilnehmenden Schulen an ihren Schulen vor Ort, gemeinsam im virtuellen Twinspace, der Online-Plattform des Projektes, und bei internationalen Projekttreffen an Projekten rund um das Thema Wasser arbeiten.

Dies sind unsere geplanten Themen:

  • The Beauty of Water (Introduction) // Shades of Blue (Salt Water)
  • Flowing Waters and Lakes (Sweet Water) // Treasure of Mankind (Drinking Water)
  • Invisible Water Wastage (Virtual Water)//  Water in the Future (Our Vision of Water)

Ansprechpartnerin für das ERASMUS+ – Team an der Schillerschule: Stefanie Lücking (E-Mail)

Unsere Partnerschulen:

  • Pärnu Kuninga Tänava Põhikool (Estonia, Webseite)
  • Istituto Comprensivo 9 Bologna (Italy, Webseite)
  • Mendelcollege Haarlem (Netherlands, Webseite)
  • Colegio Internacional Eurovillas (Spain, Webseite)
  • Collège Trianon, Martinique (France, Webseite)
  • Schillerschule Hannover (Germany)

Text: ZIE, 16.9.2019

Aus dem Projekt:

  • Winners of the Erasmus+ photo competition 2021 (Schillerschule)

    The Erasmus+ „Drops of Awareness“ team proudly presents the winners of the lakes and rivers photo competition 2020/21:

    All handed in photos showed the amazing beauty of Europe – thanks for taking us on a journey when travelling was impossible!
    Over all 86 students chose their three favourite pictures – thanks for taking part in the poll!

    Congratulations to our three winners Annika, Leona and Gustav!

    Stefanie Lücking for the Erasmus+team (27 June, 2021)

  • „Clean up the world – Day“ – Ein Beitrag des Erasmus+-Projekts „Drops of Awareness“

    Am 23. September 2020 hat unser PU-Kurs „Erasmus+: Wasser“ zusammen eine kleine Aktion gestartet. Wir sind zu den nahegelegenen Annateichen gelaufen, um der Umwelt etwas Gutes zu tun, indem wir Müll gesammelt haben.  Zwischen dem ganzen Papier und Plastikmüll wurden sogar Dinge wie teure Weinflaschen oder ein silberner Ring gefunden. Oder auch etwas absurdere Sachen wie Socken und ein Mini-Grill. Insgesamt war es eine erfolgreiche Aktion!

    Mia & Leana, Jg.8, PU-Kurs “Erasmus+: Wasser“

    Help the world to become a better place!

    In our PU lesson, we went to a lake to do something good for the environment. Even though the lake seemed to be very clean and we really couldn’t see any rubbish at all, we still collected almost eight bags of the size of a six-year-old full of plastic, bottles and other very animal- and environment-harming things. Do you know, how many animals we prevented from getting harmed for no reason at all? Do you even have a clue, how much eight bags full of trash are? Then let us tell you – it’s a lot.

    After the successful project, we all felt very proud of ourselves for helping the world to be a better place.

    Kilian, Salina and Simon, year 8, “Erasmus+: Water“-project

  • Europe is dead? NOT AT ALL

    Although unfortunately our planned international meeting in Pärnu, Estonia, had to be postponed due to the Covid-19-lockdown of all of the participating countries, this does not mean that all Erasmus+ activities have been cancelled as well.

    Naturally, most of our partner countries, as Schillerschule as well, first had to organise homeschooling for regular lessons. This has been pretty hard, as there have been severe restrictions to everybody’s lives especially in Italy and Spain. However, after some weeks of getting used to the “new normality” and an upward trend in all countries, planning about Erasmus+ in times of Covid-19 has started. Hence, some members of Schillerschule’s Erasmus+ team had a video conference on May 7th to discuss plans for the near and far future and to exchange ideas about how to carry on.

    Meanwhile, Mr Fischer, our very own eTwinning expert, started a new eTwinning project about “The story of a water drop” in which the international team pursues the question “What kind of story a drop of water would tell us if it could speak”. The idea of this project is to allow different students from different age groups to share their knowledge about water, and what water means to the different peoples of Europe. “Bon voyage!” Mr Fischer!


    Internationally, the Spanish Erasmus+ coordinator Mrs Ruiz García in Eurovillas is making a video for Europe Day 2020, which will be on May 9th and asked the partner schools to send some video messages to her students. Fortunately, our students, who had been supposed to go to Estonia, happily embraced this idea and recorded cheerful and outgoing videos to our partner school. Thank your very much for this commitment, girls!

    Well, what’s next? Although we cannot travel to our partner schools in person at the moment, we are just planning another way to go there – come back soon to accompany us on our virtual journeys to all those fascinating and beautiful places!

    Stefanie Lücking for the Erasmus+team (May 2020)

PU-Tag Jg.8: Erasmus+-Kurs auf dem Wasserlehrpfad Grasdorf /
Our trip to the Enercity „Trinkwasser-Erlebnispfad“ Grasdorf

On 7th November  2019 we went to the Enercity drinking water path in Grasdorf near Laatzen. It was a really nice day but a bit wet, too. We met at school at 8 o’clock and then we went to the tram to get to the drinking-water path. We looked at the map of the stations planning which way to take and a few minutes later we started to explore the path in groups of three. There were different stations on the way with different topics. On each station there was a QR-Code which we could scan to read the information about the stations.  We learned a lot about the production of our drinking-water in Hanover. Now we can be sure that our water is definitely clean and tasty too.

We had a great day there!

Gesa, Charlotte and Julia

Wir starten mit großer Kick-off-Activity in neues Projekt!

Im November startete unsere Schule in das neue Erasmus+-Projekt „Drops of Awareness“. Nach dem im Sommer 2019 erfolgreich abgeschlossenen Projekt „4 Cs for the future“ entschieden wir uns dazu, ein dreijähriges Folgeprojekt zu beginnen, das sich dieses Mal mit dem Thema „Wasser“ auseinandersetzen und die vielen verschiedenen Facetten des überlebenswichtigen Elementes aufzeigen soll.

… Hier geht’s zum Bericht auf der Schulhomepage Text: Claudia Henkel