Mini exchange program with Dutch students

We are students of the 7d and we would like to tell you about our mini exchange program on the 6th of June 2023 with a school in the Netherlands. About sixty Dutch students visited us and spent a day with us.
We had a lot of fun with them and it was overall a very exciting day. You might be interested in what we did during the day. For us, the day started with usual classes as the Dutch students were supposed to arrive in the first break. That is why we waited for them, welcomed them and after that we all went to the soccer ground and split up into four mixed groups. Then, we all got a Dutch buddy that we had to take care of during the day. Every group did something different from now on. Altogether, there were 4 stations: Spike Ball, typical Dutch – typical German, a school tour and Activity (a game where you have to explain words with pantomime, drawings or words. At the end of the day every person had completed every station. The kids were very nice and we think it was cool to have a buddy so you can talk about each other’s lives in the Netherlands and Germany. Some of us even exchanged their numbers with their buddy and are still in contact with each other. It wasn’t really a problem to communicate. We also think it was a good practice for our real life because you had to communicate in English. It all resulted in a common lunch (noodle buffet in the cafeteria). For dessert, the students of the 7b and 7d brought some homemade goods such as cakes, fruits, cookies and much more. The Dutch students also brought us some typical Dutch sweets. All in all, it was a very nice day with a lot of fun and good weather. We would all like to see them again and maybe next time they can show us their school in the Netherlands.
Mattis, Soraya, Fynn, Johann, Alex G., Hannah, Henrike, Leah, Erik and Noah (7d)
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