Our trip to Haarlem

During springtime we were offered to visit Haarlem for one week with the Erasmus+ project. In our Erasmus+ profile class with the topic “Drops of awareness”, we were tasked to film a documentary reporting about water in our region.

At the Mendelcollege in Haarlem each of the five countries presented their very own documentary. Every country has individual problems with water and they are quite dramatic. It was really interesting to learn about the situations in each country. After that we formed international groups and tried to come up with solutions for the problems.

Since we were in the Netherlands we learned about the importance of water there, e.g. regarding historical events, like the Great Flood of 1953 which caused several hundred deaths due to broken dykes and which initiated the building of world’s largest storm barrier Deltaworks which we visited, as well as present ones. Of course, we also visited Amsterdam and went into the Scheepvart Museum that showed the early phases of the discovery of our planet.

We were able to meet lots of new people and to form friendships which will last longer than just this one week. The Erasmus+ project offered us a lot of new experiences that widened our view of water and how we must stay proactive to save our water. We learned the importance of water for the world, which only strengthens the fact that we have to raise awareness of these problems.

Hanno L. 10d

Internationales Dokumentarvideo

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