Europe is dead? NOT AT ALL

Although unfortunately our planned international meeting in Pärnu, Estonia, had to be postponed due to the Covid-19-lockdown of all of the participating countries, this does not mean that all Erasmus+ activities have been cancelled as well.

Naturally, most of our partner countries, as Schillerschule as well, first had to organise homeschooling for regular lessons. This has been pretty hard, as there have been severe restrictions to everybody’s lives especially in Italy and Spain. However, after some weeks of getting used to the “new normality” and an upward trend in all countries, planning about Erasmus+ in times of Covid-19 has started. Hence, some members of Schillerschule’s Erasmus+ team had a video conference on May 7th to discuss plans for the near and far future and to exchange ideas about how to carry on.

Meanwhile, Mr Fischer, our very own eTwinning expert, started a new eTwinning project about “The story of a water drop” in which the international team pursues the question “What kind of story a drop of water would tell us if it could speak”. The idea of this project is to allow different students from different age groups to share their knowledge about water, and what water means to the different peoples of Europe. “Bon voyage!” Mr Fischer!


Internationally, the Spanish Erasmus+ coordinator Mrs Ruiz García in Eurovillas is making a video for Europe Day 2020, which will be on May 9th and asked the partner schools to send some video messages to her students. Fortunately, our students, who had been supposed to go to Estonia, happily embraced this idea and recorded cheerful and outgoing videos to our partner school. Thank your very much for this commitment, girls!

Well, what’s next? Although we cannot travel to our partner schools in person at the moment, we are just planning another way to go there – come back soon to accompany us on our virtual journeys to all those fascinating and beautiful places!

Stefanie Lücking for the Erasmus+team (May 2020)