Year 9 eTwinning Project with Swedish Partner School

Promoting cultural understanding with the novel ”The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian“ by Sherman Alexie

Schillerschule, Germany (10b) with Täby Gymnasium, Sweden

In March 2021 we, the students of the 10b Schillerschule Hanover and Mrs. Braun, started an eTwinning project with students and their teacher Mrs. Bixler from the Swedish Täby Gymnasium near Stockholm.

While working on many different tasks which were themed around the topic of discrimination, we read the book “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” by Sherman Alexie as a specific example of discrimination of Native Americans in the U.S. We met online with the Swedish students usually once a week where we worked on tasks of racism and aspects of the novel together.
Through this, new friendships were formed and we were and still are glad for these three months of collaboration during a time when distance and separation were the norm.

Luis and J.P., 10b

  • This is how we started out: By drawing ourselves!

    „This is me“-drawings, eTwinning project 10b (2021),
    ources:, drawings from/of Felix and Greta 10b, published on TwinSpace


If you like to find out more about this project, check out our schedule and some of our results:

Schedule of our eTwinning project

2021-eTwinning project 10b-schedule

Some results

  • Infographics: We had to do research about the Spokane Native American reservation and create an infographic displaying the answers we found.
    2021-eTwinning-10b-Infographic example1
  • Racism presentations: In our teams, we had to conduct research about the past and present racism against different groups in our countries. The students from Germany had to cover the Nazi movement while the Swedish students had to focus on how the Sami were treated.

    The results were published in the project’s TwinSpace that can be accessed by both classes

  • Blackout poems: We had to create a blackout poem on one of the topics of the novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian.
    Look at or listen to some of our results:

2021-etwinning-10b-Blackout poem – student2(Schiller)

  • Radio News Reports: We had to make a radio news report for the Australian radio program Amplify. The topic of the show was Interesting Young People and in that context we had to present Junior/Arnold, the protagonist of the novel.

    Listen to a radio news report ,,Junior finds hope” by Nadine & Mahdia (Schillerschule).

    More news reports were published by the students in the project’s TwinSpace.

NEW: eTwinning Quality Label

If you want to know what the eTwinning Jury wrote, read their evaluation here:

2021-E-Mail-Auszeichnung-eTwinning Qualitätssiegel