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Im ersten Projekthalbjahr haben alle Schulen Vorschläge für ein gemeinsames Logo entworfen. Die Vorschläge der Schillerschule entwarfen Schülerinnen und Schülern aus dem PU9-Kurs "Erasmus" zusammen mit Frau Birkhofer und Frau Mogk (Profilunterricht, Baustein "Forschen & Präsentieren")

Mithilfe eines Online Votings im TwinSpace stimmten alle Partnerschulen für ihre Favoriten und ermittelten so das gemeinsame Projektlogo.

Vorschlag für ein Projektlogo des PU9-Erasmus Kurses
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Wettbewerbsbeiträge aller Partnerschulen für den Logowettbewerb
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Year 9 eTwinning project

Screenshot "TwinSpace" (public mode, May 2018)

Tips for going abroad (year 9, results from the English classes):

To go abroad or not to go abroad – that is the question

Many of our classmates think about going abroad while still being a student. Therefore, it is rather important to be aware of the advantages and disadvantages which go along with this. Hence, we started working on the topic by discussing whether we wanted to go abroad for a year and later on by collecting and discussing the advantages and disadvantages.

The second step was to do research on different options for going abroad, possibilities to finance the stay and what has to be organised on the way to it. The websites we used as a source were then presented to the rest of the class.

Finally, we came together in groups to compile and design flyers as a help for preparing to go abroad. These again were presented in class and later uploaded on the twinspace to be accessible by the other students of our exchange program for later work.

Elisabeth and Maren (class 9d)